About the Author
Tantric Christianity
A life long student of the world's spiritual traditions, Christopher
has explored the great Asian traditions, such as Hinduism,
Taoism, and, of course, Buddhism.  

After several years of 'book study', he found that a purely
academic approach to this religious exploration simply wasn't
enough.  In 1987 he relocated to Dayton, Ohio in order to work
with a living martial and spiritual tradition.  There he was lucky
enough to be mentored by several fantastic teachers, including
noted author and teacher
Stephen K Hayes.

After years of intense study, Christopher had become a black belt
and was a member of the teaching staff, eventually being granted
the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt) and partnering in the
actual running of the dojo’s operation.  Currently, he leads
occasional meditation sessions through
Miami Valley Meditation.
For decades he has been very concerned about the lack of accessibility within the
Christian tradition to techniques and strategies with the same level of sophistication as
those of Asian believers.  This dearth of introspective teaching presents an unnecessary
tension for Christians hungry for greater intimacy with the Divine, but uncomfortable
turning to other traditions in search of a means to that end.

With the upcoming release of
Tantric Christianity, it is his hope that the Christian
community can again begin to feel comfortable utilizing easily accessible tools which
facilitate a deep and mature relationship with God.  
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