Enriching your life in Christ through profound Christian Meditation
Tantric Christianity


How To Meditate

Christian Meditation Technique - Part 1

Christian Meditation Technique - Part 2

Sensation, Storyline and Meditation

Gratitude Meditation for Thanksgiving

Are There Special Mantras for Meditation?

Modern techniques leading to strong mental focus typically the same as the age
old techniques

Relaxation response

Heartmath  (Coming Soon!)

Techniques that can lead to greater openness of spirit and acceptance of ‘things
as they are’

Using Dreams on the Spiritual Path    

The Sedona Method

Entrainment techniques    (Coming Soon!)

Image streaming    (Coming Soon!)

Techniques to change behavior that is standing between self and divine

Hypnosis    (Coming Soon!)

Autogenics    (Coming Soon!)

NLP     (Coming Soon!)

Audio Entrainment Assistance
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Bringing Ancient Buddhist Technique to
Modern Christian Meditation