Enriching your life in Christ through profound Christian Meditation
Tantric Christianity
Bringing Ancient Buddhist Technique to
Modern Christian Meditation
As a rule, religion serves mankind by reminding us that our world is greater than we
sometimes make it.   Helping us recognize the magic and beauty everywhere, spiritual
traditions across the world and throughout time have sought to give us the tools to see
through the veil that makes our lives seem smaller and more constricted than they should
be.  This smallness is so enthralling that breaking out is regularly referred to as ‘salvation’,
or being saved.  

Monotheism in general, and Christianity, in particular, is especially beautiful in its call to a
very personal relationship with the Divine.  While there is a vital Christian community around
the world, simply being part of the club isn’t enough to get into to heaven!  Each of us is
called individually to make that choice that allows our salvation.  The choice, of course, is
whether we’ll say ‘Yes’ to the grace of the Christ, or not.  

Sometimes we can find that saying ‘Yes’ isn’t as easy as we would like it to be.  Habitual
thought, speech, and behavior can hold us back from living as Jesus and his apostles
taught.  Neurotic compulsion and a poor understanding of what provides for true happiness
keep many of us bound up in self defeat and separated from His love.  

At the same time, many Christians hunger for a means of directly experiencing the Divine.  
The last several decades have seen a growing respect for this yearning throughout the
Church, but there remains much room for growth in how it encourages us to pursue it.  

Tantric Christianity, the upcoming book by Christopher Boozell, employs the spiritually and
psychologically sophisticated techniques of Vajrayana Buddhism, expressed through the
rich imagery and theology of Christianity to address this yearning for direct experience, as
well as address those limitations that seem to hold us apart from God.  This approach to
Christian meditation gives us the tools to reform how we relate to ourselves, our world, and
our God so that old limiting habits can naturally drop away, as well as providing the tools for
the direct experience of God and his Love.

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Tantric Christianity to become available, feel free to check out the Articles
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